Basic day rehabilitation and care services

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Full day


AM(9:30 - 13:30)


PM(14:00 - 16:15)

The First Day

$630 $380 $300 $770
One day trial service can be arranged if needed* (Special price $520)


After the date of attendance is confirmed, the administrative fee of $100 will be paid for each modification (multiple attendance dates can be modified at the same time); after payment, the patient will be admitted to the hospital (you must present a certificate of registration for Chinese/Western medicine sickness and will not receive the certificate of admission) Or, due to weather conditions, the center will stop service and will replenish the service.

^Breakfast and lunch are available in the first half of the day; refreshments are available in the second half.

*The trial service is only applicable to new service users and applications before the official use of the service. For the trial service content and details, please refer to the service usage memo.