YWCA Jockey Club Y Care Elderly Centre (Ho Man Tin)

One of the self-financed services for the YWCA, dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality and diverse cross-professional rehabilitation and care services To achieve physical and mental health and provide care training and support for carers to ease the pressure of care.

Grasp the opportunity of comprehensive rehabilitation and actively regain your healthy life.



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Environmentally comfortable · Convenient location
  • Over 7000 呎 rehabilitation treatment and training space
  • Near Mong Kok Railway Station and MTR Station, convenient location
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Service is secure ・Support full
  • Professional teams regularly communicate with family/patients to continuously monitor rehabilitation progress and needs to maximize rehabilitation degree
  • Provides caregiver training and support; referrals for home rehabilitation and care services, convenient location
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Complete equipment • Team professional
  • Advanced and diversified rehabilitation training equipment, tailored to varying degrees
  • Interdisciplinary team, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, registered nurses and social workers, serving people-oriented, Comprehensive care of physical and mental needs
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Plan intimate • Flexible combination
  • Design a rehabilitation program according to individual needs, 3-4 hours of intensive exercise and treatment every day
  • Special service modes such as half-day, full-time and outpatient, flexible to match individual needs